November 16, 2013

indian corn craft

When we went to the pumpkin patch before Halloween I picked up a couple ears of dried Indian Corn both because I think it's so pretty and also because I'd seen this craft on The Magic Onions to make corn necklaces.

We followed her directions pretty closely, but ended up soaking the corn for several days because of the kids dealing with some sort of virus for a few days. The extra time didn't seem to have any negative impact on the corn at all.

John and I had to do most of the stabbing of the corn, but Guthrie was able to do some of it. I was surprised at how firm the kernels still were after all that water! 

For sure we'll do this again another year when the kids are a little older. It was fun to make patterns and see all the different colors the corn has.

We didn't end up using all the corn and I was pleasantly surprised that what was left dried out just fine and I've got some of it in a bowl in the kitchen. It's pretty fun to play with!

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