September 16, 2013

first week down and other happy things

We survived our first week of school! Every night I fell asleep with the kids while I was putting them to bed. Every. Night.

I forgot about the exhaustion. I'm hoping that doesn't repeat this week or we made need to make some changes.

The first week of school is all about settling in and figuring out what doesn't work. What the kids aren't ready for, or what I thought they might love but instead totally hate. There wasn't much hate going on last week, but I am reworking our math unit for the month --- more on that later. I may have overestimated the need to "make math fun" when really Guthrie just likes to count.

She asked me Saturday night if we can take a special math field trip this week and just drive around and look at house numbers.

Uh, sure? Does it involve a coffee stop for mom?

I may, or may not, ask her to map the neighborhood via house number. We'll see how long her love of addresses lasts!

Everything else though was a good fit. My goal is to get firmly into our weekly and daily schedule by mid-October.

Monday mornings I always try to get up extra early to prep for the week. My plans are made in advance, but then come dr. appts, weather changes and sometimes my original plan needs tweaking.

This morning Tegra was pretty thrilled that I woke her up to walk before sunrise. And guess what? I wore a long sleeved shirt and long pants and I was cold! At least until we got going. Autumn is on it's way for sure!

I'm ready for it in a way I wasn't a few weeks ago, so bring on the cozy.

Yesterday it rained. That in and of itself is a fabulous thing. It's been over a month since our side of the river got rain and we really really needed it. This is not normal for us at all and, well, the several hours of steady rain was really appreciated.

I took a class in sock knitting last week and finished a small pair for Laithe. I was so darn excited. I may have done a little happy dance. Sock knitting has eluded me for at least 2 years, if not longer 3. But, toe up 2 at a time seems to be working. I'm hoping I totally get into it because I get tired of hats and fingerless mitts.

The bacon is almost out of the oven and I have high hopes that I won't burn it this time. Like I do almost every time. I don't know what my problem is. But I need to go keep an eye on it.

Happy Monday!

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