August 8, 2013

a month later

Summer break is in full swing and apparently it's been blog break time too! I still want to post on here and writing is still good for me, but I wonder about how I've been doing this for over 6 years and maybe I'm feeling a bit stagnant?

But, also it's outbreath time, you know? The extra daylight, extra yard work, extra trips to the park, extra energy. Maybe outbreath season is not my blogging season.

We've been busy, pleasantly busy I think. Our friends Katie and family (three boys full of awesome) came out for a few days and as I was cleaning up a bit (ahem) it occurred to me that we haven't had overnight company for a long time - like a couple of years. Too long!

Then PopPop came to visit for a few days and we all went hiking at Wild Cat Den State Park. It is possible that Wild Cat Den hold some sort of special magic over our children. The kind of magic that makes them extra whiny and argumentative. Last time we went we had to "turn this car around" halfway through the trip because they simply could not get their shit together. It was frustrating and it has become sort of family lore. I don't know if that will prevent it from happening again though. Halfway through the trail this time though we had to give the kids a talking to and after some snacks and a break the rest of the hike was quite pleasant! It's so beautiful down there. We've seen the park in 2 seasons, I'm excited to see it in fall and winter too.

The next week the kids took a trip with both my mom and John's mom up to Madison for 4 days! It was the furthest away from home they've been without us and the longest without us. And they loved it! They had so much fun and I think they'll talk about it daily for many months!

I took the week to plan school and rip out some carpet. And not do dishes. One load the whole week and it was awesome! We also watched tv. Without interruption or regard for mature content. Whole lotta Law and Order not on mute with closed caption.

We were ready for them to come home though and neither kid left our sides for a few days.

Things are settling back in this week and as the neighborhood school starts on Monday it's starting to feel like fall already. The leaves are beginning to change a bit and the weather is decidedly not August-like. My vines are full of unripened tomatoes. If we could get a few 90 degree days . . .

We've got 4 more weeks of summer vacation and the last 2 of those John is taking off. We're planning on taking some day trips the first week and going to dr. appointments (yay!) and the second week I think we're going to go camping. I need to make some reservations. I do have to say I think the kids are ready for more structure again. Things have been purposefully lax this summer and it has been enjoyed by all but, as Guthrie said this week, I kind of miss learning things.

Happy Dog Days of Summer!

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Luci & Loree said...

It has been a long, dry spell... imagine my JOY when I saw 'a girl named gus' on my blog roll!! FUN!!! glad you all are having a great summer, with LOTS to do!!! Hope I get to see you all when I am there shortly the end of August!! Bless you all!!


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