June 21, 2013


So, in mid May Guthrie expressed that "Nothing ever happens these days. Ugh!"

And it was true, we were in between a visit from Pop Pop and going to see friends for a few days. There wasn't much going on.

Two days later we got a dog.

Not that the two were related or anything!

Tegra came to us via a friend who adopted/fostered her via a shelter in Maquoketa, via Miami, Florida. She's about 2 years old and a corgi mixed with something. Her coloring is really cool - mostly black, with some white and brindled markings.

And she was a total surprise. Not entirely a whim, just not something we were timing for right now.

We told the kids we were going to have a trial run for a month - to see if she fit with our family. Namely the cats and the kids. We gave my birthday as the timeline for making a decision and so on Sunday let them know that Tegra will indeed stay in our family.

My primary concerns were if Lt. O'Riley (our 13 year old male cat) would be able to handle this. He's been unable to handle things before. Laithe's birth caused him to go on prozac for 6 months! But though he is kind of an asshole to the dog when she surprises him we've found them laying on the bed within a few feet of each other. Riley is really aggressively dominant - over everybody - and Tegra seems ok with that. The other concern was Laithe. He's also fairly aggressively dominant. Or just 3. The dog is really really patient with him and does this kind of exhausted growl when Laithe gets all up in her grill for the 85th time in an hour. Laithe is either not so good at reading her cues or just doesn't give a shit. He'll grow out of it.

She has a lot of energy when she feels like it, but man she loves to nap. Two walks a day seems to keep her from making poor choices in the house.

Still, we've lost a few toys, a couple knitting needles, mini blinds and phone chargers. She likes to chew. I'm hoping she'll grow out of it. Soonish.

But, no potty accidents and really, it's not like we haven't baby-proofed a house before. And she was very clearly well taken care of and well trained. We need to work with her but it won't be like newly training a dog.

She's a really, really sweet dog. Full of wiggly excitement when one of us comes home. Full of cuddles and playing. So very well behaved at the park with other kids and dogs. And she's keeping the squirrels out of my garden. Her and John have really bonded. I found them spooning in bed last night when I came upstairs. Her head was on my pillow. She doesn't sleep with us very often, but when she does she's like a magnet for everyone. I woke up one day last week with Guthrie, myself, Laithe, Riley, and John all in a row with Tegra at our feet. Zoe was in the closet. She likes the closet. I bet it's roomier. It's possible I will need to join her.

Really I think we couldn't have asked for a better match for our family.

And holy crap the kids are thrilled.


Luci & Loree said...

A dog/puppy is a joy to behold & share with & love. Mine is my world :)

Patty G said...

For a second I thought the chewed up cow was Tegra with whip cream on her face........scary.


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