January 8, 2013

handmade Christmas

We had fun this Christmas, John and I. We did a few projects together and really enjoyed working out in the garage with the woodworking tools he inherited from his Grandfather a couple years ago. One present was for "the school" and the kids got to open it together. I'd seen a wooden weather shape set on Etsy awhile back and wanted one similar- but I knew we could make one if we tried. So we did. And I think it turned out pretty well if I do say so myself!
We mainly use it during circle time, but I've observed Guthrie setting up a scene (as she is eternally wont to do these days) and Laithe running to get the box of weather - adding some wind or snow to the situation. He's cute about it. 

For Laithe we crafted a cave loosely based on this set from Nova Naturals. Ours is quite a bit more substantial, but he has discovered he can stack it in a similar way. It's cut from a solid 2 inch thick board - leftover from our kitchen shelving. I traced a loose pattern for spacing and then John cut it on his scroll saw. Which is how he cut the weather shapes too. A little bit of sanding made them fairly easy to put back together. 

For Guthrie we made a set of fencing for a corral. She's in that seemingly universal horse phase right now! Seven sides connect with wire and then the eighth we left open and John fashioned a 'key' out of wire to close it when she wants to. Originally they were supposed to connect with brass tubing, but, well, don't ask the short girl to drill straight on a tall table! Lesson learned! The wiring works well though.

All three sets of toys were painted with our liquid watercolors and then polished with the beeswax polish we use on just about everything.

For my solo creations I made this playmat for Laithe out of recycled sweaters and other bits of felt. I knew it would take some modeling before he quite knew what to do with it, but it didn't take too long before Batman was crossing the bridge so he could garden. I used this tutorial for instructions. It was really really fun to make - possibly one of my favorite things in a long while.

And Guthrie got this knitted tunic top from me. Waldorf Mama has made about a million of them and every time she posts a picture of one I wonder if I could make one. I was really pleased with how it turned out. It wasn't much of a secret/surprise, but I think I'd fooled her enough that it was going to go to someone else that she was pleased when she opened it on Christmas morning. The pattern is Bloom by Georgie Hallam and I made it out of really soft worsted malabrigo. My ravelry notes are here. I do wish it was a bit longer but in another month or so - provided she doesn't grow 2-3 inches it'll be nice over some pants for a bit warmer weather. I'm toying with making another for summer- longer and lighter weight, but we'll see. And dude, lacework! I was so worried and it was so not a big deal as long as I paid attention! I ended up doing all the lacework in 2 sittings so as to not lose my place too much. 

Aside from some pjs and flannel pants for Laithe I think that was it. I say that like it wasn't exhausting :)

I'm so very glad we did it though. It's lovely having things to give them that we created ourselves.


Patty G said...

They were al beautiful and I love my hand warmers! Everyone commented on them at the last hike.

Luci & Loree said...

Those are the neatest things!!!! and don't you both feel such a sense of accomplishment!

Gretchen said...

You rock! Love it all!


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