January 22, 2013

chores vol. 2

Now, the best part of chores: The Chore Jar! 

One of my first Pinterest-inspired life changing projects. I wrote all of the cleaning jobs the kids can do downstairs on a popsicle stick and put it in a baby food jar. Depending on a lot of variables they choose anywhere between 2 and 5 sticks and then do the job. Also depending on a lot of variables they may or may not get a reward. Usually though I stipulate that if I have to remind them more than once to stay on task they lose their opportunity for a reward - 1 chocolate chip for each job. I know. I'm so generous! 
The tasks are also kind of seasonal. Right now there's a 'winter clothes' stick for making sure coats and hats and mittens are all where they belong. I sift through the jar to take out the chores that don't really need to be done - and then sometimes add in a "no chore" stick just for fun.
A few of our consistent chores are:
  • tidying up the nature table
  • dusting 
  • putting away shoes
  • stuffed animals
  • cars
  • Legos
  • neatening the art table
  • picking up dirty socks and napkins (they multiply)

It works really well for now for us. I tried a chore chart and that was a disaster. Turns out my kids don't give a damn if they get to put a star sticker on their chart for the day. Wonder where they got that from! It also alleviates our mutual frustration at my asking the kids to "pick up" and their just walking around the living room with no idea where to start or really what to do. They're just too young still for that kind of generalization and I'm to impatient to keep telling them what needs to be done. I also only pull out the jar a couple times a week- maybe once a week if things stay pretty tidy, so I think that keeps it fresh and still kind of new. 

Anyways, I'd totally recommend it - especially if the chart isn't working out for you! 


Molly said...

This is brilliant. The chore didn't really work for us, either, mostly because I had to manage it. I'll try this. Super smart!

Molly said...

Chore CHART, that is.


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