December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

Like I said, Christmas was lovely. Solidly cold Christmassy weather with snow! It even snowed all day on Christmas Eve, but didn't accumulate, so it was just pretty to look at. So festive!

We started the morning slowly, well, no, I take that back. Guthrie got up to go to the bathroom at 3:30 and heard Santa -- a big bang and then someone saying "On Dasher, On Dancer, Ho Ho Ho." She woke me up at approximately 3:32 one inch from my face and VERY excited. I let her hop in our bed and she layed there for 20 minutes, silly me thought she had fallen asleep when she popped up and woke up John to tell him. Apparently she just couldn't wait. (early this month someone in the 'hood told her that Santa didn't exist. i'm happy that didn't stick)

Then everyone slept until I woke them up at 8:30.

John has a nasty cold so we made everyone stay in bed until he could take a shower. They were silly.

Then a tromp down the stairs and stockings and presents!

 Guthrie asked Santa for a rag doll, a pair of orange mittens, skis, and a pony. Santa delivered with a rag doll, whom she wouldn't admit was like the one Laura has in Little House in the Big Woods, but then several hours later named her Charlotte after her.

Laithe was pretty focused with his list: a dinosaur that turns into a car.
 He saw it on a commercial a solid 6-8 weeks ago. As not-so-thrilled as we were about it is he was so excited he could hardly take the paper off - his whole body was shaking! Totally worth it. He would sleep with it if we would let him.
 And no, he can't work it. And yes, it says/makes 40 different sounds.

A great while later all the presents had been unwrapped and the playing commenced. 

There were quite a few gifts that were made by John and I - I'll do a post about those later. It will border on bragging, so you'll just have to bear with me.

Puzzles were done, legos were built, horses were corralled. Dinosaurs turned into cars and back. Chocolate was consumed at a rate that caused me to eventually just turn my head.

In the afternoon the in-town Grandma's came over and there was much more playing and dinner, and playing and wildness and overwrought children who fell asleep just after 8:00 - who knew so much excitement could happen in under 12 hours?

Today was a day of rest and cleaning and putting away and cups of hot drinks and playing with neighbors. Tomorrow John returns to work - just for the morning - and the afternoon has me stealing away for several hours to do some lesson planning and later on knitting and a movie with my mom. I'm excited. John doesn't go back to his regular schedule until after the 1st and I'm happy for these last few days of vacation before we move back into our routine.

Hope your holiday was wonderful and to all those who spent their Christmas with some form of the flu or cold or appendicitis or in various ERs - there were a lot of you this year! - I hope you find some rest and recovery and can ring in the new year with the best of them!

Merry Christmas!!

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Luci & Loree said...

It sounds SO fun!!
Am waiting for my xmas years card??


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