November 11, 2012

fort kit

My present to Guthrie this year was a Fort Kit.
A couple Christmases ago I'd constructed a hideout for the kids that fit over our dining room table. It was made out of canvas and they enjoyed it. When my mom gave us her table- which can seat a billion and is awesome! - the fort didn't work anymore and I got rid of it.
It didn't get rid of the need for a fort though! Heavy blankets and my cookbooks weren't working so good though - someone always got hit in the head with The River Cottage Family Cookbook and that never ends well.

So, a few weeks ago Laithe and I ventured to the DAV thriftstore because they have the best old sheets. I picked up 4 full/queen flat sheets for about $6. I cut them down to a more manageable but still fort worthy size and ordered 4 of these play clips from Sarah's Silks. Then stitched up a large drawstring bag and piled everything in to make the kit.

The clips are awesome. Think of them as large wooden clothespins that use a rubber band instead of a spring to keep them closed. They're about as long as my hand and usually easy enough for Guthrie to open. I was appreciative that they sent along several replacement rubber bands!

She's pulled the kit out twice in the past week and the second time they had a picnic and then we opened the side facing the tv to make a "movie filater" (I hope Guthrie never learns to pronounce it correctly!) complete with popcorn and movie.

I have visions of snow days with cozy quilts and pillows!

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Luci & Loree said...

Such fun!!! We used to make a fort out of Brians bunkbed, he would sleep in there for weeks, b4 deciding to take it down, probably was more me wanting it down to change sheets :)


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