October 26, 2012

friday wrap-up

I'm starting a new hopefully weekly series detailing some of the activities we've done during the week during our lesson time.

Stories this week were from our fall basket. Our favorites were Spiky the Hedgehog, Zen Ghosts, Day of the Dead, Otis and I Know an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Bat (thanks Amie!). And the oral story was Mother Holle, which I still don't know how to pronounce, but no one seemed to mind. 

Outside we played in leaves, pounded golf tees into a pumpkin and played with water beads.

Inside, Guthrie moved on to her 5th BOB book and I requested she not move on to the 6th until she is 6 years old (thursday). There are still a few words she could use some practice on in the first five. I was uncertain how these books would fit with us using phonics as the basis for reading, but they've worked just fine and I've found it's easy to utilize the consonant blendings that are in the books to build on. I've been pleasantly surprised how easy this process of learning to read has been with her; for her. It's possible we'll have a voracious reader on our hands in a few months. 

She did some work with the cornmeal tray - literally just a layer of cornmeal in a tray. I put a few words from her books/phonics lists and also line patterns on some index cards. She copies them and reads the word. Correct letter writing - the process of it, not the final product- will be more important later on but I want to set a good foundation for cursive now. When school ended for the summer her teacher sent home her Explode the Code workbook - an intro to phonics - and she's almost done with it. I think it's likely she'll finish next week. 

I had the opportunity for some alone time with each of the kids this week and that's always nice. Guthrie and I finished up early on Thursday and we went out for lunch. She loves miso soup - two bowls worth and I got some sushi. She's a cheap date! I need to remember to do this periodically through the winter. 

Activities on the shelves were polishing silver, pumpkin pie spice playdoh, legos, and our newly made geoboard (pinterest project!). I'm a fan of the geoboard, Laithe is too, but he has kind of a hard time still. We also worked with the large abacus we have- usually they pretend the beads are types of fruit and I am the customer putting in my order. I'm kind of a cantankerous one though- always changing my mind and causing them to add and subtract! They get kind of irritated! 

Art included a lot of pumpkin coloring and coloring on graph paper as well as several Scratch Magic sheets. We also dipped the leaves we collected and pressed last week. Guthrie continually surprises me with her ability to work in the kitchen without hurting herself! 

Happy Friday & Weekend!!

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Luci & Loree said...

Well!! That just sounds like LOTS of fun to me!!!


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