October 1, 2012

apples apples apples

Our recent trip to the apple orchard was a success. It was the first day after returning from vacation that Guthrie was able to really run around without us having to be on her about slowing down. She was so happy and wild and her wonderful self.

Laithe knew on some level that apples grew on trees, but had not seen them in quite this abundance.
He was thrilled and loved that he could reach many of the apples - and eat as many as he wanted. He was equally thrilled with the tractor ride we took to get to the trees. I was worried with our late and then early frosts the apples would be less than great, but they were just about perfect.

We've gone apple picking all but two years of the past 6 and both John and I commented on how different this year was - the kids were actually helpful. We didn't have to carry anyone and they worked hard to get apples into our bags.

Our relatively meager 44 lbs (really, for us that's pretty tame) has been made into applesauce, apple crisp, apple bread - and the cider we picked up became cider donuts, which I must say were amazing.
It was my first donut making venture and I think we might venture again. 

 I love that this has become one of our traditions. I love telling Guthrie every year how John and I went just a couple of weeks before she was born and all I could think about as I hauled my gigantic belly around was how she would be with us for the next year's orchard trip.

These days, they make our hearts so full.

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Luci & Loree said...

oh my goodness, applesauce, apple bread, cider donuts. AND you fixed pumpkin risotto!!!! Where was I???


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