August 15, 2012

WIP Wednesday

brought in probably 15 pounds of tomatoes, half a mixing bowl of sungold tomatoes, 5 perfectly red bell peppers (triumph!) and 8 cucumbers.

no zucchini tonight though. waiting for the onslaught.

no pictures either as it was getting dark and i didn't think you wanted a photo of my produce drawer. not exciting blog fodder.

also on the knitting front - i've been work fast and furiously to get some warm accessories done before our trip where it will certainly freeze at night and possibly snow. a fleece lined hat for John is awaiting blocking before fleece gets sewn in. he will have a toasty brain. a shawl for me is ready for blocking and a semi-matching one for Guthrie needs about 3 more inches. she's always so excited to match mama.

next up - possibly a hat for Laithe as he has probably outgrown last years.

then i'll be free to start the christmas presents! yay!

also i did about 5 hours of housework today and aside from the shiny piano you can't really tell. damn. well, also the homeschool stuff is all ready. couple more materials to put together, but not a huge sense of urgency for those right now. *sigh of relief*

1 comment:

Luci & Loree said...

You were really busy!!


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