August 1, 2012

happy august

Oh August.

There's that song line I love this time of year-
at the dead end of summer
with the bugs singing louder than God

The bugs are indeed louder than God. Cicadas in full throttle for the next weeks, there's nothing more quintessential midwest summer than that sound. Guthrie's noticed how a few weeks ago they were just at night- when the fireflies were still here. Now they're all the time, except the middle of the night. You can hear them with the windows closed.

And it does feel like the dead end of summer. Possibly rather the cul de sac of summer. Round and round we're going on our bikes.

We did get some rain though. Enough to crack the tomatoes. Which I don't really care about, but I was a little miffed. Does that mean I'm a true gardener?

I dug down to see if I could fine any little potatoes in our boxes, but didn't. I found myself being more and more worried about that as the night went on. Silly I know. There's nothing I can do about it. It seems like everyone else is getting tiny potatoes. We did put ours in rather late though. The internets say 85-90 days and I think we're only at 60ish. Hmm.

Keeping ourselves busy -- the kids were in the pool yesterday by 9:30. that was a bit early for me, but isn't that was summer is all about?

Enjoyed a free day at the Quad City Botanical Center. They have a really great set up there in the summer. Lots of independent play time for the kids, some independent shade sitting and knitting for mama. Good all around.

Got the sleeping bags out of the basement for camping. I've not been looking forward to that.
Basement + 3 years = bugs, small creatures, a very cozy home for who knows what. My fears were unfounded though. They didn't even smell musty. Instant fort for the kids while they air out for the next couple days - because i'm sure on some level they're musty, right?

too hot inside meant shaving cream and colored ice cubes on the back porch. Idea via Meg at Sew Liberated. they enjoyed it although Laithe is of the non-messy age right now - the dirty hands are fine until suddenly they're not. Guthrie went through it too, she is decidedly out of that phase now.

today the morning was spent at the zoo with John's mom, Ami (or however you spell the name guthrie made up for her) and another friend. tomorrow The Fair! friday fall/winter/school clothes shopping - shoes and jeans and a raincoat for Guthrie.

This time of year always makes me feel like I'm scrambling to fit everything in. To keep us out of the house because we all know the weather will indeed change and we'll be regretting we didn't spend every opportunity we could outside barefoot with the fewest clothes possible.

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