July 6, 2012

summa time

and the livin' is sweaty.

really, really sweaty.

"Midwest Heat Wave 2012" is sitting squarely on us. like an elephant, for days and days. if we still had cable i would be enjoying watching the weather channel and hearing all the dramatic retellings of how hot it is.

i love the weather people. they have the unique skill of making you think that we've never, ever had this weather before and this is THE WORST IT'S EVER BEEN. i love it.

instead though i am trying to eat as many cold meals as possible and figure out new plans for how to cool off our bedroom. yes, 4th summer running we haven't gotten the duct work fixed. we deserve some kind of medal. ensconced in ice. the kids go kind of stir crazy in this weather. we can't let them play outside for too long. we've been filling the pool and using the sprinkler after dinner. in theory, the coolest part of the day. last night at 5:00 it was 109 degrees with the humidity. at 9:00 i think it was 102. so, really it's - ok you can play in the water as long as i can stand to sit on the porch and watch you. crabby kids and parents all around.

this indeed might be THE WORST IT'S EVER BEEN. at least it feels like it. the local paper ran a story titled "Heat Waves Brings Out the Thieves" which i found kind of humorous and inflammatory. however i get how riots happen in this kind of weather. everyone is looking a little crazy around the eyes.

there's also no rain in the forecast. the farmers are having a rough go of it this season. last year it was too much rain, this year not enough. i think it's bad, but not BAD just yet around here. i don't remember having to water my garden this much ever. 

today the heat index is 115 and tomorrow it'll go down to 110. Sunday, oh blessed Sunday, the high is 85.

i cannot wait!

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Marie Martin said...

Our high on Sunday will be 84 and we're excited too... but for different reasons.


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