June 1, 2012

she walked in a preschooler and walked out a kindergartener

the 2011-2012 school year is over.

well, it will be later tonight after the school picnic.

breakfast this morning was a bagel (i believe my children have had Panera three, no four, mornings in a row. yay post-Memorial Day weekend kitchen!) and no pictures were to be had until someones blood sugar went up a tad.

it was a nice car ride. unless he's beating up on her - and still sometimes even then - Laithe looks at his sister like she is THE coolest person on earth. sometimes i'll admit to doing the same.
and then we arrived at school, tummies sufficiently happy so that I could snap a few photos in front of the school.
and then I did the last drop off for my preschooler.


 I have such a mix of emotions about the end of this school year and all of them strong. All of them from a good place.                                                                            
and just in case you were wanting to see how the year has grown my girl.

First and Last Day of School 2011 - 2012 

and as for her Kindergarten journey . . . 

well, next year will be different for all of us. 
first though, summer!


Molly said...

Oh man. I'm doing this very same thing next week. Your girl has grown this year - she is sure beautiful, and I'm sure smart and lovely and funny. I'd love to meet her one day. And Laithe too. And you parents for that matter!

Patty G said...

As a grandma, it makes me a little weepy. Laithe is right, she is the coolest person ever.....sweet, smart and oh so loveable.


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