March 26, 2012


Laithe's been dabbling in object permanence as of late.

Multiple times a day he'll run down the list of immediate family members asking where they are. He knows they exist now even if he can't see them or see their car. Or shoes. Ma, Da, Dietah, Guthrie, Amie? Pop Pop? Work? Home? School? Car? After I've told him where each person is he says "oh" all serious and with a tiny smile, like 'I know this makes you slightly crazy and I love it, but thank you because I feel like we're having a real conversation!' I love that he's figuring things out but heaven forbid John and I switch cars for the day. Oh the rigidity of toddlers.

Saturday though kind of took the cake. We're hitting our limit with Mediacom and had the repair man out one last time to see if they can make our internet better. So, what it's been 3 days? Here's how it goes now. Ma? Da? Guthrie? Amie? Dietah? Pop Pop? . . . Guy? Guy? Guy?

Guy being the cable guy and, dude I have no idea where he is. Except I've kind of started to make up this imaginary life for the cable guy. He's at home with his kids. He's driving around in his white van that you loved so much - with ladders! He's sleeping. He's grocery shopping. He's eating dinner. Just so I can give Laithe an answer.

We're not introducing Laithe to anyone new for at least 6 months. For my sanity more than his at this point I think.

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carol said...

Oh - now I know who he means when he keeps saying guy and pointing!!


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