January 9, 2012

monday monday

i have today off because of a big training on Wednesday. one that i'm not looking forward to I have to say. i'm not a big one for corporate led training, or corporate culture, a huge shock to you i'm sure. however, another 3 day weekend? that i can get on board with!

and we cleaned house last night so all i have to do today is clean the bathroom, mop floors and laundry- which, there is a lot of it to be sure, but there's always a lot of it! not bad at all for me for a day off.

things i'm enjoying this morning:
- a no tears morning for Guthrie

- a quiet little boy imitating mama knitting with his own yarn and needle

- miso soup lunch! a favorite for Guthrie and i

- a walk this afternoon to enjoy the sunshine

- refreshing the toy and craft supply filled corners of our home. january goal: figure out better storage for my crafty/yarn/fabric

- no pressure to cook anything further for 24 hours because:tada!!!

I will leave you with that. and tomorrow, if all goes as planned we'll enjoy our first dinner cooked by gas in a long time!

also - i don't think Idaho is in our future (see prior post's comments)- at least not that I'm aware of!! i'm sure now that I've written that we'll be moving in 6 months because that's how these things work haha! but as far as I know we're staying in our home/in davenport as far as our self-made plans go.

although Idaho is lovely and my soul does intensely miss the mountains - especially when my bff sends me this kind of pic from her daily walk.isn't that beautiful? they're the olympic mountains on the peninsula in washington. for us though, for now, it's prairie and mississippi river all the way.

happy monday!

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Melissa said...

Isn't it gorgeous??? I can see those mountains from my kitchen window too!


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