November 9, 2011

new stats

Blame it on the whole second child thing, or on having a first child that didn't have to go to many well-child check ups because she was such a freaking spaz, but I completely forgot to make an 18 month appointment for Laithe. So, at 20 months 7 days we stopped in to make sure he's on track.

24 lbs and 32 inches tall

Seems pretty on track to me. I think he's only a foot shorter than Guthrie. The Dr. said the only thing he was surprised by was how many teeth he had! And then followed that up with - ok no wonder he's a biter, most kids get a break from the pain, but he clearly hasn't. Which made me feel better - this dr. always does that. We are so very lucky. He also acted kind of offended when he double checked that the only shot we were doing was the DTaP and I got a little defensive and my voice might have gotten a little high pitched and he said, "I know what your plan is and I'm good with it." He's got our back in that dept and laughs at the religious exemption we've had to file at Guthrie's school so that she doesn't have to have extra immunizations due to being in a mixed ages classroom. I'm so grateful for that.

We chatted for awhile and he said, Well you guys are doing a great job. Keep it up and we'll see you after his birthday!

I love appointments like that.

Outside the office though he's talking up a storm. I'm not sure people outside the family would necessarily know what he's saying, but generally we do. He's going through that toddler phase though also. You know the one, when they become tiny dictators where we must bend to their will or suffer the consequences. Every kid does it; mine do it well. He's a good eater, a lovely cuddler and completely idolizes his big sister. He is a busy one, but doesn't need constant interaction or supervision. You're totally thinking about calling DHS aren't you? But hear me out - kid can play with his cars for like an hour. Can look at 10 books in a row and be totally satisfied. I mean when he needs you he needs you, but he's pretty good in those quiet alone spaces too. I love watching him try and figure things out.

cars - all cars, but especially red trucks and white unmarked vans. we'll try to curb him of that second one.

mushy foods
diaper changes
sharing his buses and cars
leaving anyone, anywhere. Object permanence is a double edged sword I tell you what.

Did I mention he had a little haircut? Just in the front so his hair was out of his mouth. It was getting a little in the way.

Guthrie asked why everyone thinks he's a girl. I told her because assumptions are easy to make and as long as he knows he's a boy and we know he's a boy it doesn't matter what other people think. Similar to Guthrie we're trying to be as gender neutral as possible when it comes to toys, clothes and ideas. For Laithe this is turning out to be a different process than it is/was for Guthrie. Parenting: it'll keep you on your toes for sure.


carol said...

He looks a little dazed or perhaps drugged in this picture!!

darah said...

it's the hair

Luci & Loree said...

neutral gender? but i dont see him in dresses or pink, as opposed to Gus' lumberjack flannel :)


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