October 5, 2011

wip wednesday

Work in progress: nothin'.

for the first day in a l - o - n - g time i'm taking a true day off on my day off.

i mean, relatively, for a mama to two, for a full time working mama who spent 14 hours at work monday - in another state - and has a ridiculously full week coming up.

tonight i'm going to a movie with work friends. afterwards there might be a drink or two at $4 martini night. this afternoon i read and listened to the kids play with the neighbors. this morning i went out to breakfast with my mom and Laithe after Guthrie went to school.

and there was not a dish done.

there was some floor swept, but you really can't blame me, they're new after all and so shiny.

everything is done in our house, at least that is going to be done by anyone other than us. we've got some finishing work to do, but that will largely be john's work. i will be supportive with apple crisp and ice cream.

i told my friend melissa that i was feeling a bit weepy today. our house has been in flux for so long and now it's done. the checks have all been written, all of the furniture that we're bringing back into the house is put away, it's like i can let out the shaky breath i didn't realize i'd been holding since july 14th.

to say this project(s) has been difficult for our family would possibly be an understatement. we're all craving routine. the children are craving non-tired, non-cranky parents. our marriage is craving some quiet time that doesn't involve a staple gun or paint.

we have a really, really busy month or so and then we'll begin the slow descent into the holidays. which i'm bound and determined to be about the experience only. not about what we should do, or should buy, or should whatever.

i'm so ready to enjoy this fall.

there will be "after" pictures soon - i want to finish putting a couple of things away so it looks like, in theory, this is a house someone could comfortably be living in!

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