September 12, 2011

{{right now}}

  • a new ceiling is going up in our kitchen

  • there is not one shred of attached carpet on our first floor

  • there is 400 square feet of rolled carpet and pad in the living room though – hours of endless fun

  • grateful that this weekend was productive but not hectic

  • I forgot it was Guthrie’s snack day at school

  • this morning was 80 times more hectic than it could have been

  • there was still time for a little girl to dance her heart out before breakfast, jazz hands and all

  • happy the crock pot is bubbling away- in the living room – with tonight’s dinner, the first of a slew of frozen crock pot meals I made up last weekend

  • feeling great that the bulk of the putting up is done for the season

  • excited for a field trip this week – four kids in our car – I’m certain it’ll be a blast

  • ready for fall, the light is changing in my kitchen, so it is on it’s way

  • thrilled that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel with the house

  • not as thrilled that it’s a pretty long tunnel – with several hundred linear feet of quarter round lining the way

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