June 18, 2011


I don't have a lot of crafty going on right now - a pair of handwarmers I've been slowly, slowly picking away at. It's good to knit tiny things in this heat.

I do have a lot of yard going on though.

Every year I'm amazed by this whole growing business. Every year I crow: it's a miracle -- you put a seed in the ground and a plant comes up! How does that happen?

So - here's what we've been working on:

The raised beds are looking good. I had to replant some beans and the small seeds definitely pooled - like I have a group of lettuce, beets, and radishes in their respective areas in a clearly puddle-shaped mass. Our rain has been frequent and torrential - we've been lucky that our only "damage" has been this. The rain barrel is FULL.

Look! Asparagus triumph!! And rhubarb!! I'm happy there's a little bit of permanent in our yard.
Pea pods are being harvested by tiny willing hands. And then barely tasted. They are so sweet! I don't even care that I'm the only one who likes them because that means more for me! And really I'm just glad she's getting to see a full growing cycle in such a short amount of time. She planted all the peas and the biggest patch is right in the middle of the yard. John has been sweetly mowing around it until the season is over.

And the raspberries are looking alright. We shall see how that goes. I spotted the first japanese beetle on my birthday - thanks for that present!

This was also the first year I've really mulched and I'm really glad I did. There's still a lot of weeding to do, but the creeping charlie has been almost manageable in the mulched areas.

I do enjoy this time of 'just growing' in the garden. The anticipation. Although I do have some more peas and basil to gather today if the storm holds off.

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