June 26, 2011

what restful looks like

The parental half of the family is recovering from bronchitis.

Z packs and steroids all around.

Funny thing is that with John you totally know he's sick. Guy cannot stop coughing and sounds like crap and (i mean this in a supportive, hope you get better, kind of way) looks like crap and says, I feel like crap.
Me? I was about 2 seconds away from quitting my job, could not stop screaming at my family, crying at the drop of a hat - burned dinner or ants in the dining room because it was just all too much. Coughing? Like every few hours. Finally when I had some lengthy chest pain I made an appointment. And she was all, well for sure bronchitis, but maybe something more, those are some good crackles you have going on. Gotta start paying attention when I get suddenly unhappy.

So, we're taking it easy this weekend.

We cleaned the house yesterday - it's already a shambles again, but there's a lot less dirt. I did some sewing, puttered around the yard. We made a stab at the attic - sorting baby clothes and the like. Movie watching. Knitting - the gusset in my hand warmers is giving me fits --- why are there holes?? Doing laundry, and googling a new washer and dryer.

There is nothing wrong with our washer and dryer. They're just smaller. When I see Kelly Ripa on the TV bragging about her 50 outfits in one load I want to stab her. We have stackable front loaders which are really nice. And it was just about a month ago when it occurred to me that I could do not one load of laundry a day- but like 3 solely because of the cubic feet issue in the washer. I feel very 'rich white lady' whining about this. I mean, I have a washer and dryer - that should be enough. But the z - pack hasn't completely taken effect so, you know, woe is me.

And really, if I were in the place to be appliance shopping, which I'm not, I'd totally get a new dishwasher. I think ours is from the first generation of dishwashers. Ever.

Tonight we have more laundry (obviously.) and Guthrie needs to clean her room as Auntie Teresa is coming this week! And I'm not remotely ashamed to use that as leverage for her to get her rear in gear and pick up. And hopefully some mindless tv - although John won't let me watch 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding' in front of Guthrie. Which I get, but still, it's SO awesome.

Also any tips for the biter? He's actually been grounded from nursing because he will bite after about 30 seconds. I fed a bottle of formula for the first time today- not his first, but my first, and it was weird. And then I let down. I think my body was rebelling. And then I tried nursing him again and he bit me so that was the end of that. It's so obnoxious -- and painful. If I may describe without offending you: nurse nurse nurse, clamp down with all 8 front teeth and pull away. And laugh. I didn't laugh. He laughed. Heartily. I don't know. I don't want to be weaning out of anger, you know? At the same time I feel like I've done everything I feel comfortable doing as a discipline.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend too!

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