May 11, 2011

87 degrees

Last Monday the heat was on - in fact I turned it up because I was freezing.

Yesterday it was 93 and today it was 87.

Uh, hi Spring?

Last night dinner was on the back porch and box fans were set up in the windows. Chicken salad sandwiches and popsicles all around. And sweaty kids. I forgot what summer-sweaty toddler is like.

This afternoon was sprinklers in the backyard with the neighborhood kids and books on the back porch. And then I caved and turned on the air conditioning.

And then I cursed because we still haven't gotten ourselves together enough to fix the ducts that would mean air conditioning in our bedroom. And then I had a rhubarb cocktail*.

good night all - there's a box fan calling my name!

*just follow this recipe, i use a little less sugar - -- and add vodka!
excellent celebration of spring!

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