March 1, 2011

self portrait

john got me an ipod touch for christmas. i completely love it. like it's the present i never knew i wanted.
he got it engraved on the back it has my full name and then says "please do not wash me"
for those of you who don't know, back in september i got this amazing phone that i researched etc etc and then within two weeks it got put through the laundry. it was not a good day at our house.

needless to say i have insurance both on the ipod and my crappy used purple blackberry that i mostly hate.

i let guthrie play on my ipod. i think this will probably not end well but as i said, it is insured and she has been, thus far, very good with it. she plays some mean Angry Birds and can find sesame street youtube videos. i don't know how she does that.

tonight i was uploading some of the photos i've taken on it- it has a pretty nice camera on it and some fun features - and putting them on the computer.

i discovered these little gems. see you can make it so that you're taking a picture of your reflection. like a mirror. when i found them i laughed so hard i woke her up in the other room.

there are about 40 of these.

she is going to be so pissed at me someday for this.

1 comment:

carol said...

oh my gosh - I saw these when Gus was here and laughed so hard I think I made her feel bad!! But I told her why they were so funny and then she laughed and laughed and we laughed some more!!


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