February 2, 2011

indeed. a blizzard.

well. 21 inches of snow later. 21 inches of pure powder and 40+ mile an hour winds and holy cow the drifts are something to behold. most of our front yard is knee to thigh deep. john's mom's front door was buried waist high.

it's awesome!

we bundled up this morning to play and dig out our front walk and cars. it was easily the deepest snow i've ever shoveled. easily. like 3 layers with the snow blower.

we gathered snow to make snow ice cream later. yum!

laithe got put in a mei tai on my back and came out to shovel with us. he was good with it until nap time got too close.

i'm hoping for a walk with guthrie later but i'm not sure she'll be interested. hopefully, because tomorrow will probably be too cold to go out as wind chills tonight are in the -15's probably.
so we're hunkered down with coffee and hot chocolate, knitting, watching fantasia, french braiding hair, napping, probably some candyland, i plan on roasting a chicken later. the only thing we're heavily missing is a wood stove. but we've got electricity and heat and 4 wheel drive so we're thankful. john ventured out to check on the moms. got patty somewhat shoveled out and then helped get my mom's car out of the neighbor's garden. she was supposed to go to work last night but couldn't even see the road visibility was so bad.

quite an adventure, but i'm glad we're on this side of it.

hope your day is cozy too!

oh and happy birthday laithe! good day to turn 11 months old!

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