February 1, 2011


Last night we're finishing up reading James and the Giant Peach and the author describes one of the characters as having eccentricities. Guthrie immediately asks what that is.

"Well, it's when one person likes to do things that everyone else thinks is a little strange. Like if you grew up and had 20 of the same kind of cat. Or small glass ponies all over your house. People would think that was kind of weird, but you would love it."

This is met with a look of uncertainty.

"Also one could say that if a small girl demanded to sleep with a brush and dryer sheet every night she might be considered eccentric."

Much giggling - as she clutched her brush and dryer sheet closer. She smiles at me and says, "I'm eccentric."

Yes dear, you certainly are.

We're in for some crazy weather - some foot of snow and blizzardy wind and then -15 wind chill. And my favorite - THUNDER SNOW! It's not winter until we've had some thunder snow. I'm predicting a family snow day tomorrow, but we'll see. Wish us luck! We may be headed over to the neighbor's with their secondary heat source!


carol said...

yes dear Guthrie - you are a little eccentric but I will venture to say your hair doesn't have a lot of static!!

Patty G said...

She told me about the book and being different today. Too cool.

Teresa said...

And your Auntie Teresa is eccentric too because she has a bunch of little penguins at her house!!


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