December 10, 2010

first snow fall of the winter

We had our first snow of the season this past weekend. I'm slow getting pictures posted- so much going on around here these days!

Of course Guthrie and I traipsed outside for a good while. The boys took a cozy nap.

This is the first winter Guthrie has actually really enjoyed the snow. Like really, really enjoyed it. So, I'm hoping for some serious snow because we've never even made a snowman with her.

Once we finished shoveling the sidewalk I suggested she just keep on shoveling herself down to the Coffee Hound.

She totally went for it.
It's totally only a block and a half. Don't get all child labor on me.

Hot chocolate and latte rewards ensued. It was sweet seeing her little shovel track on the way home.

A little less sweet, though no less humorous was the absolute fit she threw about her snow pants. More precisely the crotch of her snow pants. And I thought jean fits were bad! Girl hasn't worn jeans in at least a year. They, and I quote, are not working out for her. Needless to say amongst the kicking and screaming on the floor, the likes of which we haven't seen in awhile, the phrase "THIS IS NOT WORKING OUT FOR ME" was uttered at least 50 million times. Not even joking.

In fact I feel fairly comfortable saying that we hear that phrase on a daily basis.
Apparently a lot of things are not working out for Guthrie. Socks, zippers, bread folded crookedily (sic) vegetables, toothpaste tubes, challenging toys. We did teach her that what she is doing is called being shrill as things not working out for you demand a certain volume and tone. This has diffused the situation on many occasions. I mean how can you be irritated beyond belief when someone under 4 feet tall screams about mismatched buttons "THIS IS NOT WORKING OUT FOR ME" and then in a totally normal voice says, "that's called being shrill. I am being shrill right now. did you like it?"

I digress.

Shrilly and I had fun. We came in and stayed warm the rest of the day. Then we kind of had to stay in for several more days because of the wind chill. Tomorrow we have a blizzard watch.

We had a lovely autumn this year. Makes the sudden move into winter a little hard to stomach. It's like capital W winter around here. We usually don't do this until January.

Guthrie and I have a little getaway coming up this weekend -more about it after we get home probably. I am determined not to let -30 windchill impact our plans! It's our first mother-daughter pre-Christmas trip. I am very excited.

hope it's a little warmer where you are!

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Patty G said...

I hear "It's not working out for me" quite a bit as well; usually around socks or mittens.....looking forward to the snow pants adventure with her.


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