December 4, 2010

a few favorite things

We're having a snow day here! Our first snowfall of the year and it's been met appropriately - with much playing indoors and out.
I'm catching up on all things online - neglected emails, christmas shopping, those sorts of things. It's been a whirlwind of a week. Another one with long, long days of work that translate to bigger paychecks, but less time with family. Not my idea of what is important this time of the year. Funny how that works though.

A few things that are getting me through though:

- listening to Laithe and Guthrie play both with and near each other. They make each other laugh. It fills my heart up to the brim.

- handmade Christmas stuff. the elves are working away- the elves being my hands!

- i'm loving this blog Habit right now. so much simple beauty.

- the snow outside. i love how it hushes the neighborhood.

- the big tubs of decorations and joy sitting in our basement waiting to come upstairs this evening. a Christmas tree is in our near future I think!

hope your weekend is full of good and relaxation and the people most important to you!

1 comment:

carol said...

I love Habit..thanks for sharing it!


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