November 8, 2010

fallish kind of day

I got to work from home today, which was much needed after a busy with laughter and excitement weekend.
Additional cups of tea, downtimes demanded by a sleepy 8 month old, small breaks to get dinner together and switch the laundry. These are the things I like about working from home. That and I get so much more accomplished. On my most frenzied day with a sick baby and endless phone calls I still get more done at my kitchen table than on the slowest day at work.

Starting dinner I noticed how much the light has changed these past couple of weeks. I mean there's the obvious daylight savings time drastic change, but the light is getting that almost-winter cast to it. It took forever for that kind of light to happen last year, but this year it seems right on time. Maybe we'll have a super snowy winter. I've got a 4 year old waiting for the first snow with almost as much excitement as her mom.

The light made me happy we're having my favorite fall soup for dinner. And made me wish again we had a wood stove. Oh well, I've got Iron and Wine on the cd player and a hot drink in my hand, counts for something.

Happy Fall!

birthday pics soon to come! i promise!

1 comment:

Teresa said...

I expect to see a picture of a snowman in your yard at least as tall as Guthrie this year!!!


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