September 22, 2010

happy equinox!

Nothing says First Day of Autumn like apples so we dodged the thunder clouds and went to Wilson's Orchard. The last time we went apple picking here I was super pregnant with Guthrie. What a difference a couple years makes. We've tried a couple different orchards closer to home and I think we'll continue to go back to Wilson's. They're really nice.

46 pounds of apples later

we've no idea how many apples any of us has eaten
but i, for one, have a belly ache.

this was laithe's inaugural trip in the hiking backpack. we thought he was not so thrilled about it. turns out he was not so thrilled about a poop filled diaper.
it was also guthrie's first time in a sling in quite awhile. i flopped her up onto my back and tied my selendang around her and myself. it worked pretty well. until we went up our third hill. then i kind of crapped out.

guthrie and i decided that when we live on a farm we'll have weeping willow trees. john and i decided that it might be substantially easier to parent guthrie well if she had a couple of acres that she could run through. several times daily.happy fall!

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