June 26, 2010


We've had several great summer evenings at our house. The weather hasn't always cooperated, but that's why we have a porch, right?
I've been trying really hard to find little ways to say 'yes' to Guthrie so that I don't feel like I'm always saying no. Yes, we can go to the park tonight! Yes, we can swim in your pool. Yes, I'd love to catch fireflies with you after we get ready for bed.
It's making me appreciate this summer so far.
You know how everyone says that Christmas totally changes once you have kids? It's all suddenly magical again, etc. Well, it seems that this summer is just like Christmas - except with heat indexes of over 100 and lots of thunderstorms. I'm reminded of how I loved summer when I was little because it seemed like there was just so much freedom.

I posted this week on facebook that I was deciding to relinquish control of my yard this year and just do the best I can without feeling the least bit bad about the weeds. It's just not possible to work full time, have a 3 year old and an almost 4 month old and no weeds. Not if I want to savor this summer -- which is exactly my goal.

The vegetable garden is growing good though- I put most of my yard energy into it. We got a beet this morning! And 6 lovely green beans! I love green beans from the garden. Love them. We have a ton of tomatoes starting too. I hope it dries out before too long or they will all be cracked before they can even start ripening.
For the 3rd season in a row I've got a crappy raspberry crop. The first year due to dry weather and us not having a hose because we'd just moved in. The second year because I'd had to do major pruning because of morning glories. This, the third year, we went out this morning, I in my long sleeved shirt and muck boots, Guthrie in her tutu and underwear clearly ready for a morning of raspberry harvesting only to find that the torrential rain last night had made most of the berries fall off the bushes crushed and slimy. Crap.
I'm going to call around to the couple of berry farms I know of around here to see if I can get a couple flats. I was so looking forward to raspberry jam to go with our strawberry.


Poor Laithe. How he's not getting his due time in this blog.
Guess what - he's rolling over! Mostly from belly to back although there've been a couple back to bellies. And he's scooting around a little. Not nearly enough for me to be concerned about leaving him anywhere just yet, but still, the beginning of crawling. Thank goodness we have a few more months before we have to seriously baby proof the house.

Check back tonight for a photo essay on his progress.

He's still quite the good-natured baby. Such a joy in our household.

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carol said...

I am so sad to hear about the beautiful crop of raspberries...it was another spectacular night of weather! But the visual of Guthrie in her underwear and tutu out picking raspberries was 'almost' worth it!


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