March 23, 2010


So, I've got about 5 blog posts started and none finished.

I'm almost packed for our cross-country trip - - during which we will be renting a minivan. i know. oh, i know.Both the kids are mildly sick and I'm hoping they stay only mildly although in my non-sleeping/non-awake state of last night I thought for sure Laithe had RSV. You know, that thing that they try to scare the shit out of every parent with at the hospital even though most kids have it and it's fine? But they do actually only have a small cold that they seem to be sharing.It's not that I'm not getting good sleep, because with the exception of last night I actually am, it's that the awake time is kind of so intense that the sleep I do get doesn't really recharge me. And I literally keep needing to remind myself that not only did I have a baby 3 weeks ago today I had surgery. Major surgery. Seems a funny thing to have to remind oneself of huh?

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maybe I'll have Gus take over some of the posting. she seems to enjoy typing.

And how exactly is parenting of two children going? Mostly it's great. Mostly this 2nd time around thing is so much easier.
And then that one night happened where it was 10:00 and Guthrie was not in bed yet and in fact had just announced that she had gone potty all by herself and had used a lot, A LOT, of toilet paper and now the toilet wouldn't flush and Laithe was crying to be fed. Loudly. And I thought - Dear God what have I gotten myself into?

And then I got the plunger. Because that's just what you do isn't it?
Here --in lieu of the 5 unfinished posts have another photo.

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Luci & Loree said...

Oh, he is sooooo sweet & not looking so grumpy, i KNEW that would go away, he is in such a nice family!!!


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