January 25, 2010

WIP delayed

We had a little ice storm last Wednesday which made for some spotty internet for a couple days. The ice storm necessitated the (i swear) 8th snow day this year and a lot of movie watching with some crafting here and there. So here's my late WIP Wednesday post.

My latest project is making Guthrie a Big Sister Blanket. It's going to be a part of the bag I make for her of special stuff to do while I'm in labor.

At first I was going to totally surprise her with it, but she loves to be part of projects. And let's be honest, with a total surprise and a 3 year old you run the risk of her being not at all impressed or interested. So, we made a trip to the fabric store - just the two of us which is a rarity as she kind of drives me nuts in the fabric store. This time it was all about her though so it was ok.

I let her pick 5 different fabrics. I was going to just let her do the first 5 she came across, but apparently we went to the most unattractive flannel section of JoAnn's first so I just let her put as many bolts in the cart as she wanted until there were enough to make it a little less 1980's and a little more little kid. True to form there's lots of pink and somehow she found flannel with all her favorite stuff on it - owls, guitars, ladybugs, birds, and ducks. It's very Guthrie.

So, I cut out some 9 inch squares - now is not the time for some complicated quilt project. Just a patchwork, border and backing and it'll be perfect. Guthrie and Riley helped me lay it out - all the while Gus being ridiculously cute and excited "Oh THANK you Mommy! My Big Sister Blanket so beautiful!"
And Riley- well we have a picture of him and every single quilt I've ever put together. Usually he lays in the middle and is all, 'what? is this not set out just for me?'
The end result of all that helping was a little less than rectangular, but you get the idea. Sewing the strips of squares was so fast. I sewed on the border (the border and back is that white background material) and some night - maybe tonight- after Guthrie goes to sleep I'll pin it all together. I'm just going to tie this quilt, I figure that's the fastest and quietest after bedtime finishing of the quilt which can be done from either the exercise ball or the couch. And I think I'll probably let her see me work on it only a couple more times before I just finish it and put it away to be brought out at the appropriate time.

Even if I don't get the cradle sheets finished I'm happy that this'll be done because I think it's more important.

Our household is getting so excited! I now get to tell people when they ask me- just a few more weeks. Maybe they'll stop asking me if I'm having twins!


Teresa said...

Ok, so I'm just impressed that you can still get down and back up from the floor unassisted!! I am so happy that you are involving Guthrie so much with your sewing and crafting. She will certainly be the youngest quilter in our family, and is already showing impressive talent with her amazing fabric selections.

Patty G said...

You are such a good Mommie!

Aprille said...

I love that Big Sister blanket. It's so cute, and what a nice idea to make Gus feel special and included. Is she getting excited?

Luci & Loree said...

Oh, darah, that is such a cute blanket and what a neato thing to do with your daughter!!!! You are such a good mom. Love you dearly!!

That Girl Gretchen said...

You win for best Big Sister idea ... my mom only made me a pin to wear at the hospital. A Big Sister Blanket wins ... hands down :)


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