January 4, 2010

new technology in the house!

John got me a Flip Video recorder for Christmas. I'm super excited. And while I'll try to spare you the really lame home videos I really make no promises.

And so here's your first one.

It was a challenge for us to stay awake on New Year's Eve so we played a little Wii. Guthrie likes to win when she plays Wii. We're fencing and she's making a valiant effort to kick my butt.

Enjoy! (and let me know how easy it is to access, etc. thanks!)


carol said...

it's perfect : )

Melissa said...

oh my gosh - makes me miss you guys even more!!!

Luci & Loree said...

what a cute thing!!!! it is great to hear your voices!!!!
Love You all!!!!


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