December 30, 2009

Top 10

There have been lists people are putting together of their top 10 favorites of 2009 roaming around the internet. Just things- not people or experiences or whatever. I really just thought you should know mine :)


First and foremost I'd like to personally thank Aveda for creating the only product that keeps me from shaving my child's head. Seriously. It's long, it's tangled and we think sometimes she looks like Hermione in the first Harry Potter movie. Somehow when I wasn't looking we went from this (manageable and sweet):to this (holy crap that kid never gets her hair brushed and it's a total shame she missed the 80's because that would have been rockin'):
And in case you're wondering- yeah, it's almost to her butt crack when it's wet. And no, we haven't cut it yet because aside from it being a total disaster, it's kind of amazing and beautiful and oh my word what if we cut it and lose the ringlets? I would just keel over. So, thanks Aveda.

Anyways. Let's keep the theme going shall we? Philosophy products (via Sephora so I can get fun samples with my orders).
I swear by this. Hope in a Jar and Purity are my most favorite although the whole kit is pretty amazing. What's funny is that their big thing is that these products guarantee such amazing skin that you'll wear 50% less makeup. Ha. That would make me at about -40% makeup. Because 'makeup optional' to me is way less about good skin and way more about how my morning is going. That said- it's a good deal when I feel ok about just wearing mascara.


Old Navy Maternity Yoga Pants. If I could, I would live in them.

4.Ditto with the Ugg slippers. Every. Day.

Oh Dyson. There just are no words. Except to say we might be trading you in for your cousin the ball vacuum next year.


I know I've blogged about Mrs. Meyer's before. I heart it. It smells nice and makes things clean. Right around when we moved to this house I got rid of all the toxic cleaners, wondering how long it would be before I picked up a bottle of Clorox Clean-Up. A year and a half. I actually picked up my first bleach product yesterday. The reason is two-fold. I am 8 months pregnant and it seemed like a good thing to have around for the next couple months while I sterilize my life via nesting and then our cat pees in the bathroom sink. This really isn't that big of a problem except that the odor is lingering in the pipes. And dude, that shit is gross to smell when you're brushing your teeth. That said, for the past 18 months, Mrs. Meyers, baking soda, vinegar, oxygen bleach and lemon juice have done us good. And out of those 5 things I only worry about Guthrie eating the lemons.

7. & 8.

These are pretty much my bread and butter. List maker that I am - give me a blank book and an archival pen and I'm a happy camper. The archive quality is necessary for the amount of crap I spill on my lists. It means they're well loved. I have blank sketch books all over my house and I'm sure I will until I die. And I'm sure my kids will be all, I can't believe she saved all of these. And I'll totally show them because you can pretty much trace my life by these lists. Another thing I've blogged about before, but it bears repeating. I sat down to make a list titled "Before Baby" this morning and grabbed a random book off the shelf and in that same book was the list I made before Guthrie was born.
This one is crazy shorter. It's all - wash onsies if you have time.

I'm only kind of kidding.

My BFF keeps me regularly supplied in Nikki McClure art. For this past birthday she got me a pack of 6 posters. Five are in my dining room and one is in Guthrie's room and I love them. She makes me happy because the designs seem to help me keep my priorities straight. And she's from our hometown.

I used to miss Batdorf and Bronson when I moved to the midwest. It was a local coffee roaster that makes awesome coffee. And then I found Country Morning Coffee. While I haven't found the equivalent of Grass Lake Organic- which as I peruse their site it appears they do not make anymore - I have found that both Giddy up and Go and Farmhouse make my mornings so much nicer. It's roasted about 40 miles from here and they sell it at our local grocery store. She makes it in such small batches that she actually writes the roast on the bag in Sharpie. A girl after my own heart. My goal had been to switch to decaf by Christmas so this kiddo actually has a chance of not being born addicted to stimulants, but, well, New Years maybe? I'm at 1/2 decaf right now and yesterday I didn't even make coffee and I didn't even have a headache by 2:00. I feel this is progress.

And so there you have it folks. Don't you feel so much more complete?
Stay tuned for a few more top 10 lists of 2009 before the New Year with possibly slightly more substance!

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