November 10, 2009


It's time for my yearly purchase of pop up sponges from Williams-Sonoma which will serve two purposes. One, the sponges are uh-mazing and two I will get the holiday catalogs from W-S to drool over before they figure out sometime early next spring that I actually don't ever order anything from them and so they are wasting their money sending me catalogs.

They are surprisingly on top of things - unlike say, Pottery Barn where I haven't placed an order for about 5 years and they still send me a ton of catalogs.

Did I mention that the sponges are awesome? They last for forever - and you can run them through the dishwasher to get the funk out along with microwaving them for disinfecting purposes. I tried some other pop ups when I should have placed an ill-timed W-S order (who cares about the summer catalog??) but got some at the Co-op in Iowa City and they were a sad state of affairs.

1 comment:

nugent71 said...

I LOVE those sponges...seriously, like LOVE them!


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