October 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle Andrew!!!

It's Guthrie's beloved Uncle Andrew's birthday.

She's been singing 'Hap a Bir Day to you Ando' for at least the past hour.

And then she bows.

Andrew, she would also like to know if you have blown out your candles yet and if you made a wish?

I was trying to find some recent pictures of Guthrie and Uncle Andrew, but it seems we are remiss in documenting the two of them. We'll need to fix that.

Andrew's been around since the beginning of Guthrie. John met him very early on in school in Iowa, like maybe the first day. And I bet Andrew never thought that he would become our future kids' uncle when he met me and my first words to him were, "sorry our car smells like cat ass". (they'd just traveled across the country in that particular car and so really, my statement was no embellishment.) A few months later though Andrew was a welcome permanent fixture at our house - he lived across the street so it was easy- and when we told him we were going to have a baby, well, it was great how excited he was. (and between us, john said it sounded like he was so excited he got a little choked up about baby #2)

And so, here we are what, 4 years later? and Guthrie loves herself some Uncle Andrew.
Like adores Uncle Andrew. If we say he's coming to visit this weekend she'll talk about it nonstop all week. And then, when he gets here she has to sit as close to him as possible for at least the first hour. After the first hour it's ok to play near him, but it's better to always be able to have a hand on his arm. He's been a part of so many of her Firsts. Like first day of life, first steps, first fire in the kitchen on Superbowl Sunday. Definitely first french fries.

Really, we couldn't have chosen a better adopted uncle for our kids if we'd picked one out at free uncle day. He's so patient and caring and I think he'll always be a safe person for our kids to talk to when they're not so interested in talking to their parents. It's a safe bet he'll always be interested in what they're interested in and always willing to sit on the floor and play. I think he'll teach them about living honestly and having integrity and possibly some Elvish. And let's face it, between John and Andrew our family is in for more than their fair share of Star Wars and Zelda. Whatever, as long as Andrew will always watch Bravo and Project Runway marathons with me I'm a happy camper. I'm excited to see our kids grow up knowing Andrew and the wonderful person he is.

Uhh, and apparently the pregnancy hormones are getting a little out of hand because I'm getting misty eyed. Geez.
So, before I need to go have a Moment, just wanted to say Happy Birthday Andrew! We love you so much and we're so grateful to have you in our lives!


carol said...

You couldn't have said it any better...I am not even pregnant and I got misty eyed - of course after I had a good laugh about the kitchen fire on Super Bowl Sunday!! He is the best Uncle Andrew my grandkids could ever have!

Luci & Loree said...

what a wonderful tribute to a wonderful person

Patty G said...

Yeah, Andrew. What a wonderful addition you have been to the family. Belated Happy Birthday, Andrew! Guthrie is one lucky girl to have you as an uncle.


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