July 8, 2009

yay garden!

I know- already another post about corn. But, you guys -- it has tassels! And it's taller than me! I'm so impressed. I'm going to just generally gush about how amazed I am at my garden for about 10 minutes here so you are very warned.

After a long day of a lot of rain (as a side note we've had a ridiculous amount of well-spaced rain. like enough that I've had to water my garden exactly 3 times this year. I know. My water bill is thrilled! My tomatoes are getting a little irritated though.) I got to go spend 30 minutes or so in the garden pulling some gigantic weeds and just generally checking on things. And it was great! There are flowers on everything. I've got a couple itty bitty zucchini, flowers on the cantaloupe, beans, peas and I got to harvest 3 beets, a bunch of green beans and three accidental onions. I say accidental because I was pulling a crazy big weed and three onions popped out with it. Oh well. I'm not really sure what to do with them. Do I cure them like I would at the end of the season, or just use them fresh?

And our raspberries are starting.

I feel like for my first real garden on my first real property this is good. Real good.

I have plans too. Plans for what I picked. I'm thinking a big salad with some vinegary beets, string beans, goat cheese, blueberries. Something like that.

Maybe I'm a total pessimist but I just thought there would be stuff that didn't work out. Largely because it's my first time doing this all myself. Like oh, well, guess we lost the carrot crop this year, or man I screwed up those beans. But really, everything that I planted has grown up really well. With the possible exception of the bell peppers. They're pretty little and now they're the littlest thing in the garden so they're fighting for sunlight I think. I still have hope for them. I think they still have time.

I'm just so boggled. And I like the whole square foot thing. It looks a little wild and unkempt - like Guthrie's hair most days, but just like I kind of like Guthrie's hair like that I kinda like a messy garden.

I will post a picture comparison tomorrow maybe.

Until then I need to bathe. I'm muddy from head to toe. The people at the pharmacy just kind of looked at me. Whatever. I look like half the people in the country right now I'm pretty sure!

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