July 20, 2009

a case of the mondays?

Someone at work said this today to someone else. It was in full Office Space glory. I heart my coworkers. They're a funny bunch.

I'm thinking, when I add it all up that I had a pretty crap day. So this morning I'm rushing to get out the door while Guthrie is screaming 'mommy no work, mommy no work' because it's confusing when I have a weekend on call and I have to work a little bit every day and we don't have a day off together. And John is completely knocked out in bed on codeine for umm, swimmer's ear? Yes, apparently when he swam the Mississippi last week he didn't get all the water out.

You totally bought that didn't you? I'm not sure which part is funnier - the idea of us swimming in the Mississippi or John just swimming. We don't know how he got swimmer's ear. We just know he has it and dude, it sucks the big one. Like between the hearing loss, the incessant pain and the high maintenance medication I was totally ready for the isolation of my basement office today.

So, back to my day. I go to work. Sit through a mandatory meeting that was ok, not great, but ok. We've had some big changes at work, you know, over the past uh since the office has been open, and they haven't been as much fun as anyone hoped. Then go to another meeting, which was better and actually quite inspiring. And then back to the office, with me getting gas in between and on what, like the 5th time I get into the car for the day I notice things are not right. Like the glove box was open and the middle console is open and, umm, my mix cds are missing. I rouse John out of his drug addled stupor and ask him if he took some cds inside. It slowly -- ever so slowly-- dawns on me that our car has been broken into.

They rifled and decided the best stuff to take was our "Las Vegas 2005" cd. Really? Can we talk about this? You didn't take our actual cds with covers. You didn't take our brand new stereo. You didn't take the camera that was only kind of covered in the back. You didn't take the other random stuff that you easily could have pawned for a decent amount. You took my daughter's favorite Violent Femmes mix - which, hell hath no fury!- disc 1 of Living in Clip, disc 2 of 1200 curfews and Natalie Merchant. As well as several unmarked mixes that we only know by color- like honey can we listen to the purple one? Huh. Ok. And then you locked the car door? That was polite now wasn't it?

I can only hope that at the end of this the burglars have some enlightening feminist experience because their life has been changed by this music. Right? I think more likely that unless one of them is dating a mid-thirties lesbian who lives on a farm they're gonna be all, man, you picked the wrong car; we got some crap music.

So now we come home at the end of the day and my baby girl is throwing up and I think, huh, this is definitely a case of the Mondays.

Crossing our fingers that Tuesday is better!


Melissa said...

Your Monday sooooo beats my Monday! I'm sorry about the break-in and sick kid and hubby!!

Anonymous said...

Ooh Rotton Monday. Hope to day is better.
I just popped by to say 'Hello!' I just received my swap email from kelly, and we are to be swap partners.

You have such a beautiful little girl, I've had a quick peek through your blog, I just hope she is feeling a little better.

P x

..melissa.. said...

what a crappy day....I hope today was better!


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