June 18, 2009

i'm older!

Thanks for all the Happy Birthdays! Especially on Facebook where I felt oh so popular!

I had a great birthday- it stretched out over two days and included tacos from Adolph's (the oldest Mexican restaurant in the QC), a yummy homemade ice cream cake (thanks Patty!!) and the inaugural use our air conditioning. Woo Hoo. And I got some pretty great stuff too.

One thing I'm sure I'll bring up later in the summer was the book Well-Preserved by Eugenia Bone. I'm pretty sure Eugenia and I are soul mates if the Introduction is any indication. I got several more really great items, but I want to share the big one --- I got this:

And yes. I'm in love.
And yes I think my family will hate me within a week - or at least hate the camera because I am like the paparazzi.

It takes some lovely pictures. Man oh man.

Even when the subject is freaking out because she has prune on her hand and OH MY GOSH SHE CAN'T GET IT OFF!!! HOLY COW. She still looks good. Look at that color. That depth of field.

She's got a thing about her hands. And feet. When they're not clean it is not good. In fact the world might stop until she can find a sink.

I got off of work a little early today so I took advantage of the relatively nice weather this afternoon - as opposed to the noon hour where it rained about 2.5 inches. I decided to take update pictures of our yard. Our day lilies started blooming today - they're about as tall as I am. I don't think they were that tall last year. So, I decided to snap a picture of one.

Except umm, it was a little humid. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow!

And in case you were wondering - it was 31. Way less stressful than 30.

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nugent71 said...

Happy Birthday!! Congrats on the D60! Looking forward to seeing your perspective behind the lens!


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