April 6, 2009

vacay anyone?

Well, the massive snowstorm, and then the one they predicted after that never really came. We had enough to make it pretty for awhile and then it melted and my yard is fully recovered. We should have some tulips in a couple days. Hooray!

John and I (and by association Guthrie) have a week of vacation coming up. We want to get away, but we're not sure where to go. It'll be late April and that's an iffy time to camp, but that's what we'd really like to do. While we lived in California we went to El Capitan Canyon and it was great. It was "camping" and I kind of like "camping." As I'm looking it up though the rates have gone up considerably. Apparently other people like "camping" too. There's nothing really like that in Iowa I don't think. Right before Guthrie was born we went and stayed at Grumpster's Cabins which was beautiful.

So, I'm kind of at a loss. We've done the thing were we go stay at a hotel and then do day trips to hike and such and that was cool but I'm craving a campfire and more nature less king size bed.
Any suggestions? I think we're willing to drive a few hours, but my original idea of going to the Omaha Zoo has been nixed on account of the long drive with a two year old. So proud Iowans send me your ideas!


carol said...

Perhaps Lake Okoboji??

Melissa said...

ok - I'm not from Iowa but how about Sequim???? You know, it's not TOO far away. Haha! I crack myself up sometimes...


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