March 23, 2009

i know you're all on the edge of your seat.

I know you are. I can see it from here.

You're dying to know how my first full week of work went.

Well, it went fast. It was a flurry of paperwork, competencies, and TB testing. I'm uncertain how much I want to say about work on this blog. It's kind of weird. I have no problem telling you where John works, but for some reason I feel like it's different with this job. I will say this though, I'm back working in hospice as a bereavement coordinator. It was a job I did in California that was overwhelming and stressful and rewarding. I only did it for a year before going to grad school. I am hoping that having packed on a few years' experience and education and knowledge about myself will mean the job is easier this time around. Easier is definitely the wrong word. More manageable maybe? Part of me thinks motherhood has increased my aptitude for this job because this position is largely about keeping track of shit. And what's motherhood 90% about? Let's say it all together, 'keeping track of shit'. Thank you very much.

It is definitely weird going into a position that I've had before. Even the forms haven't changed. On one hand I know what I'm getting into on the other hand, I know what I'm getting into. You know?

In this past week, though, amid the papers and binders and really awful HIPAA videos I got to know my new co-workers a little bit and I can tell you that it will be a privilege to work with them. And I got to see a couple clients on my own. That was scary and exciting and one fell asleep. I decided not to take it personally.

And how am I doing with the 32 hour a week separation from Gus the Bus? Well, it's going better than I expected. I will have flexibility and I will be able to do some stuff from home. For now my schedule is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and knowing that I'm ever only away from her for 2 days in a row is good. Of course I still miss her like crazy and she's never more than 2 seconds away from being at the forefront of my thoughts. One thing I didn't foresee is how much I miss John. Before I could kind of shape my schedule around his, but now we need him to be watching Guthrie so I can be at work. I guess it's not the worst thing for a marriage to realize we miss being around each other when we're not together as much.

So, all in all it's going well. I'll be interested to see how I feel in a month when things aren't so new and I have some routines down. I like routine. A lot. It'll be important for me to establish some. And then, by that time I'll get to be on call. Which will add another dimension to our routines! Thanks for all your well-wishes. They've been much appreciated!

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