February 2, 2009

snow painting

This winter has definitely been easier than last winter. It's not as much of a fight to get Guthrie to do something outside even though it's crazy cold. Last winter she would just stand there like what the heck am I supposed to do now mom? It's cold.See? Absolutely no enthusiasm. I tell ya. It was kind of disappointing.

Not so this year. This year we get out as much as we can and she actually enjoys helping me shovel.

We haven't had a huge amount of snow this year, but enough to take her Bilibo out sledding in the back yard (our camera ate those pics somehow! crap!) and enough sunshine to walk to the 'hot nums' shop down the block a few times. That would be the Coffee Hound. They love us there. So, a couple Sundays ago Guthrie and I braved the wind for some hot nums - mine a green tea, hers a vanilla steamer- and then painted in the snow. I got the idea from Wondertime.

You fill a couple squirt bottles with food coloring and water and spray away. It was diluted enough that none of the color stained and yet showed up really well in the snow. I made a joke to Guthrie that it looked like she was peeing blue. She totally didn't get it. At all. I guess male-dominated pee jokes have to wait a few years, huh?

I would highly recommend the snow painting though! The bottles of colored water lasted just long enough for us to get quite cold - see how she refuses to wear gloves?? - and our hot nums to get cool enough for us to enjoy.
See those rosy cheeks??
The other cool thing is that it hasn't snowed since and so every day we can look out the window and see the 'bwoo' (blue) and 'no bwoo' (green) colored snow.


Aprille said...

Hah! I love the bwoo and no-bwoo. That reminds me of a friend of mine whose kid enjoyed blueberries and "black blueberries" (blackberries).

What a great idea with the snow painting. We'll try that next winter!

Kathryn said...

i love how you talk to her in normal person talk. it's so awesome. my favorite is when you asked her if she had her shit together yet and she said yeesssssss

nugent71 said...

Jonas got a bilibo for his birthday one year and we love it but I can't tell you how many people come over and ask what the heck is that thing and when I explain it they still look confused :)


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