February 7, 2009

i got tagged

I got tagged this morning. And since I've been up since significantly before dawn it was pretty easy to do. Like significantly. Like three hours. And it's been getting light pretty early these days.
Once the gray predawn started I got productive so that was good. . . I guess. I believe I will nap with Guthrie today unless I get too hyped up on caffeine.

So, back to the tagging. You take the 6th picture in your 6th folder. I had to read that 5 times before I understood it. I think my brain isn't functioning all that well yet.

Here's my pic:

It's my herb pot that gets brought inside for the winter. About 10 weeks ago I notice that my tarragon had completely died, so I just kind of ripped it out. Then about 2 weeks ago I noticed that it's coming back. At leat I think it's tarragon. How awesome is that? And up higher is my lemon thyme which I use in just about everything. It's really good in scrambled eggs.

When you get up this early you notice that there are a lot of people who walk their dogs really early on Saturday mornings in our neighborhood. I had no idea.

So, I'm tagging: Melissa, Melissa, Aprille, Jill, Jen

1 comment:

garbo said...

I'm still trying to figure out which folder is my 6th folder. . . hmmm.


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