January 6, 2009

potty training

I've had this little conversation with Gus numerous times in the past few days so it's time to share:

Gus: Oooh hello poop! *giggle*
Mom: Oh do you need to use the potty?
G: No, hello poop! Ha Ha.
M: You sure? Do you need to poop?
G: No ma. HELLO POOP! *impending hilarity*

M: Oh. Is your bottom talking to you again?
G: Yeah. Hello poop. *giggle*

Did you know when you fart it's your bottom talking to you? Did you know my girl has a special friend who talks to her sometimes . . . and it's her ass?

Also sometimes we think she's from New Jersey because when she yells at me from across the house 'ma' she sounds like someone from the Sopranos.

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