November 4, 2008

great posts

I know I already posted today, but there are some amazing words out there today.

My friend Stephanie from college.

Taking your kids to the polls. This year was the first time I didn't take Gus with with. I completely regret it. I should have taken the extra 10 minutes to take her with me. It was an important moment.

For all our friends who can't vote. Your support is so important.

And because she cracks me up.

We're going to be coloring this tonight. Some of the states might end up a little purple. Or black. Black is her new favorite marker color. I won't argue. It's a good neutral.

And I think Dooce is right. Her latest Twitter was that it was indeed not too early to start drinking. Thank goodness we have all those beverages left over from Gus' Birthday. And before you start freaking out- no it was not some drunken bash. I will post about it tomorrow... hopefully.

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