October 1, 2008

break time

I'm taking a break from a hectic day. Work is keeping me busy busy and childcare this week has been challenging. (and last as you could tell from my last two posts -- and thanks Melissa for making the effort, you totally deserve some props! who would have thought ice cream would melt somewhere between so cal and iowa? crazy). It's forced me to make some peace with the dvd player as an occupier while I edit computer codes. It has also forced me to rethink something I read in Parenting magazine.
I'm really not a huge fan of Parenting, there are other magazines geared towards childrearing that I find more helpful, but this little nugget was interesting. Someone wrote in and asked how to deal with working at home when you have a small child. How to not feel like you were constantly over-multi-tasking and feeling like you were ignoring your kiddo. The advice columnist said she works hard to 1. recognize that she has to get work done and 2. to make the time that she does get to spend one-on-one with her kids matter. To give them her full attention and do something that they enjoy.

Today's morning was full of errands- the farmer's market, dropping off some coffee to dad, etc. Earlier in the week I found some inspiration on the Crafty Crow for a morning art project. I'm loving all the crafts that Guthrie and I can do together now. I'm compiling a list of my new-favorite sites for toddler-friendly crafts so watch for it.
Here was our fall inspired craft. It was fun. It's pretty hanging up. What more can you ask for? We used some old markers, but next time I'll pull out either my watercolor pencils or some thinned out paint and an eye dropper.

Also FINALLY:yes we grew these.
Or rather our backyard grew these. Count on us making some freezer tomato sauce this weekend.

Also in the yard are these:

but after you have dried them (or accidentally left them in the vase for a long time with no water) they turn this color. I think they are lovely.

We did have some sad family news this past week. My mom's cat Emma, after a very full 17 year life, died. We got her when I was just going into high school and had just moved into our new house. She was a sweet cat. She thought she was invisible in tall grass, had the strangest little insistent meow, was scared of a lot of stuff, and had some digestive problems and we loved her very, very much. I know my mom's house is quieter without her and she is much missed.


Khai and Khoi said...

Try using a cue-tip in water colors on the filter paper. Very user friendly for the toddlers and low mess factor!!

..melissa.. said...

I remember "catsitting" for Emma...may she play with all the other cute cats in heaven :)


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