September 22, 2008


Our little family went on our first vacation in . . . umm. . . well, a pretty long time. Not up for a staycation, but needing a cheap-o-cation we decided on camping.

Gus was a big fan.

She wore her flannel like a champ and endured 3 days of rain with the excitement of a true toddler.

The highlights were:
  • hiking on the prairie
  • a flock of Canadian geese 3 campsites away (we haven't yet grasped the difference between geese and ducks but whatever)
  • having the campground to ourselves
  • washing dishes
  • flannel
  • campfires
  • washing dishes
  • marshmallows
  • a dry tent for the first 2 nights
  • teaching our kiddo how to roll down a hill (seriously, try it sometime. teaching someone how to roll. it's so much more difficult than you think!)
  • washing dishes
  • a really good audio book for some drives to get out of the rain
  • A dry hotel room for our last night at a hotel with an indoor pool!

So, yes, camping with an almost 2 year old was so awesome. I wish we had done it earlier, but am more glad that our first experience was so great!

And when in doubt - just tell your crabby kid to wash the dishes.
You're left with semi-clean dishes and a very happy little camper. :)

1 comment:

kathleen said...

man that last pic really looks like you put her to work. She needs to come here and teach Jonas a thing or two. I mean what are kids for, right? HA


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