May 3, 2008

the prairie springs forth

Spring anywhere is amazing to watch, but spring on the prairie is quickly becoming my favorite. This spring has been particularly slow to start after such a long and cold winter, but it's here. And the best thing about spring-actual (vs. spring according to the calendar) is the opening of the Farmer's Market.

Guthrie and I braved the wind and rain this morning in order to finally be able to buy some local vegetables. I swear everything is better, or at least more of an adventure with a child at your side. I've always loved the market, but last year it was so much more fun and meaningful with Guthrie there. I always carried her in our Mei Tai so she could see what I was seeing and I could have my hands free. Eventually all the vendors knew us (and even some of the customers) and became an active part of our weekly lives.

Last year I also started to pay more attention to purchasing as much locally as possible. In the height of summer in Iowa it's actually hard not to buy local veggies at any of the major grocery chains. Fall is pretty easy too. It's been a long winter of bananas and grapes from South America.

I've been rereading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and it's had me itching to get creative in the kitchen with whatever we can get as long as it didn't travel more than 60 miles to get to our house.
So, this morning we bought-
  • rhubarb
  • asparagus
  • early green onions
  • salad mix of arugula, sorrel, and spinach
  • yellow tomatoes
  • green garlic and
  • a basil plant

I'm not exactly sure what to do with the green garlic, but smelled really great, so I was brave. I doubt that we'll ever get to the point of eating exclusively locally grown food, but I'd be happy if even half our food was from local sources.

I've already started polishing our dehydrator :)

We are also happy to announce the opening of John's Hair Shoppe.
He does some lovely hair these days!

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