April 11, 2008

spring has come

Spring officially started last night- at least from my point of view- as we had our first tornado sirens! Yay us! I don't think there was a tornado anywhere near us, or even necessarily the possibility of one, but they let the sirens go anyway. I mean I guess there's always the possibility of one... we're in Iowa after all. It was funny because we woke up to rain coming from the east in the morning and I thought, hmm, I wonder if it's the start of our tornado season?

It was also the first thunderstorm that Guthrie actually noticed. And by noticed I mean during bedtime (the precise moment the storm crossed over our house, hello poor planning!) a crack of thunder caused her to sit straight up with wide eyes. Did I mention we were nursing at the time? I also sat straight up with wide eyes. Moments later she was totally passed out and slept through the rest of it.

Tornado season makes me nervous. Largely because during our first spring here we had an F2 pass within a half a mile of our house. I was probably 10 weeks pregnant. It was very, very scary. We've had a few close calls since then, but nothing like that.

Last season was full of violent thunderstorms and Guthrie never noticed - or at least only reacted to my reaction to the storms. I have a feeling this season will be different.

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John G said...

We had a thunderstorm last night? :)


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