April 4, 2008

happy friday...

Guthrie is about to drive us from slightly crazy to full blown insane with her almost constant whining and tears today.
I know, I know, she's readjusting to her schedule, she has three more molars poking through, but man this girl can cry. There's just not enough fruit leather in the world to quell these tears.
Does she not know that there's a limit?
Only one hour of crying per day. I mean she can choose to disperse said hour as she pleases- all in one major meltdown or intermittent freak outs throughout the day.
More than that and I'm going to have to call the crying po-lice.

To add to the good times I've discovered that my major struggle with our newly acquired cloth diapers is not the additional laundry (which I thought it would be) it's the additional cleaning of the toilet when Guthrie's poops are solid enough to warrant them being "knocked into the toilet"
(I know, this is exactly the kind of reading you were hoping for on a Friday afternoon). Which isn't all that often, breastfeeding toddler that she is. But, it is often enough to make me have to clean the toilet more often than I would like. To combat this I've invested in new toilet bowl cleaner. I already use Mrs. Meyers's All Purpose Cleaner all the freaking time because it's awesome. It does magic things like clean, umm, anything. And it gets rid of the waxy build-up one can acquire on one's oven; if one had waxy build-up on the stove, like, say from a stray crayon vs. toddler match up. I usually go for the lemon verbena scent, but this time around I decided on the lavender. Purely because of what the label says :They're completely right because really, today, what more could I want from an herb than tranquilizing and fatigue relieving effects?

That said, if you see me with my head in the toilet later, well, you'll know what happened...

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